Le genre capsicum : différents noms

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Le genre capsicum : différents noms

Messagepar Mike Lyne » 16 sept. 2015 13:09

[size=150]Rural Industries Research Development Corporation (RIRDC)[/size] a écrit :The condiment paprika is a variant of Capsicum. The name of Capsicum more likely is coming from the Greek Kapto, which means 'to bite' referring to the pungency of heat of the fruit.

The word paprika originates from the Greek or Latin peperi-piper that means pepper however the word has a Sanskrit origin (Balint 1962).

For quite a long while in Europe there was confusion regarding the differentiation between pepper and paprika. The names used all over the world are as follows

(Somos 1985, Balint 1962, Becker-Dillinger 1956, Szucs 1975 ):

  • German : Spanishe Pepper, Paprika
  • Spanish : Pimiento
  • Portugese : Pimento, Pimentao
  • French : Piment, Poivre
  • Vallon (Belgian) : Piment
  • English (USA) : Red Pepper and recently Paprika and Capsicum is also used
  • Holland : Peper, Spaansche Pepper, recently Paprika and Capsicum as well
  • Norvegian : Pepper
  • Swedish : Spansk Pepper
  • Danish : Spansk Peber
  • Italian : Pepperone, Pepperone comune, pepper cornuto
  • Russian : Perec
  • Polish : Papryka, pieprz
  • Czech : Paprika
  • Bulgarian : Piper
  • Serbian : Paprika
  • Romanian : Piparca, ardei
  • Finnish : Pippuri
  • Estonian : Pipar
  • Latvian : Pipari
  • Turkish : Biber
  • Armenian : Bibar
  • Arabic : Filfil, felfel
  • In Peru : Aji
  • In Mexico : Chili
  • In the Indian languages
    • Kechuan : Uchu
    • Aimara : Huayha
    • Araukan : Thapi

The widely used word 'chili' is referring usually to the hot variant of capsicum.

This word has its origin from the Aztec word of chil. "Bell pepper " or "Bell capsicum" usually means the bell shaped, blocky and non-pungent capsicum types.

The condiment or spice paprika refers to the type of capsicum, which when fully ripe, dried and milled is used as spice and colouring agent in cooking.

The same paprika type is used for oleoresin (pigment) extraction for use in the food and cosmetic industries (Caselton 1998).

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