I started my Peppers....

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I started my Peppers....

Messagepar Penny » 15 janv. 2010 14:33

Well i did it the other day.....i started most of my Peppers. :D

Here's the list so far....
Golden Cayenne
Nepalese Bell Pepper
Yellow Peter Pepper
Holey Mole Pepper
Mayan Love Pepper
Large Chocolate Pepper
Bhut Jolokia Pepper
Mini Sweet Pepper
Peach Habanero
Peanut Pepper
Black Cobra Pepper
Little Elf Pepper
Naga Morich Pepper
Lemon Drop Pepper
Pailette Aranconni Pepper
Anaheim Pepper
Red Jalapeno
Thai Dragon Pepper
Greek Pepperoncini

Thats it so far... :wink:


Messagepar karamazovv » 15 janv. 2010 14:41

There's is some very hot pepper in your list.. :P

Some pics when baby pepper appears? :)


Messagepar Penny » 15 janv. 2010 15:00

II will absolutely post some pics once the babies start to appear. :D

There are indeed some hot ones on here, and a few are new to me this year, we like hot food, so this should be a good year for them......plus alot of them i use for canning and salsa's. :shock: :wink:

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Messagepar jeanmi22 » 15 janv. 2010 16:41

oh! yes hot list!!!


Messagepar Penny » 28 janv. 2010 17:56

I have wee tiny sprouts :D :D .........they sure took their time this year.

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Messagepar reddroopy » 28 janv. 2010 18:12

Hello Penny.

It is the good beginning! :P

We wait for photos :wink:
Sauvez les bambous : mangez du panda :D
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Messagepar Penny » 28 janv. 2010 18:26

I will absolutley post some pics for you..........once they get a little bigger :D

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Messagepar marcello2 » 28 janv. 2010 19:18

Wao, Peach habanero, just a few seeds for me, next year. :lol:
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Messagepar Penny » 29 janv. 2010 16:52

Still doing great, a few more sprouts on some more plants today :D .......kind of nice to see, since its -29 here :shock: :shock: and snowing outside :roll:


Messagepar Penny » 09 févr. 2010 14:25

Seedlings are doing great.....i went to get some pictures, and my camera is dead :shock: .....so i have plugged it in. :wink:


Messagepar karamazovv » 09 févr. 2010 17:07

arggg :)

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Messagepar Benjamin » 09 févr. 2010 18:02

Penny will set fire in its garden ! :lol:

on croise les doigts avec toi pour que tout germe !! 8)
OGM j'en veux pas !

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Messagepar Penny » 10 févr. 2010 18:25

Trust me Benjamin....i will set somthing on fire :wink: , you see, where i plant my peppers in a raised bed, last year we had our neighbors take some peppers while we werent home :shock: .......so this year, the HOT ones are going closest to the fence :wink: , and i know they dont like anything hot :lol: :lol: :lol: .....i think that will teach them huh :!: :!:


Messagepar jesusbis » 10 févr. 2010 18:28

Haha Naga morich and Bhut jolokia close to their fence, they'll burn like hell. :P


Messagepar Penny » 10 févr. 2010 20:20

Exactly :wink: , its one thing if they had of asked to try some peppers, but to take them and not own up to it :twisted: .....well this will be a painful lesson learned :lol:

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